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How to Complete Your Tax Return online

Last Updated:22/05/2015

Document Description

This guide has been produced by the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) to help you fill in your Income Tax Return and Self-Assessment online in a complete and correct manner.

Your income tax return and self-assessment is to include all the income that you are required by law to declare as well as any allowable deductions in respect of the current year of assessment.

Your income tax return is to be completed and submitted to IRD by not later than 30th June, and thus avoiding being charged additional tax for late submission of the return. You are to ensure also that all the tax due is paid by the 30th June, so as to avoid being charged interest on the outstanding balance.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Benefits of Using IR Services on-line
  3. Who can submit their tax return online?
  4. Registration
    • Activate your e-ID account
    • Subscribe for IR Services on-line
    • Accessing the service
  5. Submitting your Income Tax Return
    • Getting Started
    • Requesting a Tax Return
    • Completing the Questionnaire
    • Tax Return Attachments
    • Completing the Income Tax Return
    • Effecting Payment

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