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How to Complete Your Corporate Tax Return online

Last Updated: 20/12/2016
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Document Description

IR Services online provides a service for corporate taxpayers to submit their Tax Returns online. Every company applying for this service is provided with its own personalised tax return. The personalised e-Return incorporates, besides other details, the names of directors and shareholders according to the Registrar of Companies, the income tax payments for the year and a specific key unique to the company and may only be used for electronic filing.

The e-Return includes a number of verification checks that indicate to the Tax Practitioner any possible mistakes in calculations and legislative or accounting principles that may result in additional taxes for the taxpayer.

One of the main advantages of e-Return is that its completion may be carried out offline, thus reducing the connection costs of filling out this multiple page document.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Registration
    • Register with the Inland Revenue
    • Authorisation
    • Register for an e-ID
    • Request a Digital Certificate
    • Subscribe to IR Services for Corporate Users
  3. Submitting your Data
    • Complete the e-filing sheet
    • Export Data
    • Data Submission
  4. Other Services

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